• What astrological system is the Calendar based on?

    For astrological calculations, we use the Sidereal zodiac of Eastern astrology Jyotish. It takes into account the annual precession — tilt shifts of the earth's axis. Because of this, the calculations correspond to the exact location of the planets and constellations in the sky at any given time.

  • What is the best way to spend highlighted in the Calendar days? 

    The Calendar highlights the dates of Full Moons, New Moons and Eclipses.

    On the Full Moon, it's favorable to learn more about your sensory world with the help of practices and meditations and to charge the talismans with the energy of the Moon.

    On the New Moon, it's best to engage in cleansing rituals and grounding meditations, calm the mind and set intentions for the upcoming month.

    During the Eclipse, it's advisable to track any thoughts and emotions that arise so as to live through that period consciously and practice letting go.

    Read more about the rituals for each day in Moonly app in the Wisdom section 
  • Which Tarot school is the Cosmic Vibrations deck based on?

    The illustrations and descriptions of the cards are created according to the tradition of the French school of the great mystic Dr. Papus. His legacy includes the ancient wisdom of Egyptian civilization, Kabbalah and astrology. Card number one in the deck is Major Arcana card — The Magician I, followed by Justice numbered VIII and then Strength numbered XI. The deck consists of 79 cards, including the Blank Card.

  • How can I interpret and read Tarot cards?

    Our deck does not have a separate instruction book with all the cards' meanings. Conveniently, one can find all meanings and detailed explanations, including specific aspects, in the Moonly app. You can also use any meanings and descriptions based on the French school of Dr. Papus.

  • What is the difference between Tarot, Oracle and Metaphorical Associative Cards?

    The Tarot deck has a clear structure that was developed over hundreds of years: 78 or 79 cards, depending on the school, including the Major and Minor Arcana with specified meanings. The Tarot system includes spreads with which one can get answers to their burning questions.

    Oracle are custom decks with any number of cards dedicated to any topic. Each card contains meanings and recommendations that can give guidance to the person drawing the card.

    Metaphorical Associative Cards are abstract images for working with the subconscious and the psyche that don't have prescribed meanings. They evoke associative images unique to each person. For greater effectiveness, they are best used when working with a psychologist or a master of any tradition.

  • Why does the printed version of the Calendar have two New Moons and two Full Moons?

    Our Calendar is unified for all time zones. The start and end times of New Moons and Full Moons vary depending on different time zones; thus, we marked two days to cover the period they occur around the world.

    You can check the correct day for your time zone in Moonly app 
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