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Lunar Affirmation Cards | Black Friday Sale 50% OFF

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Introducing our stunning Lunar Affirmation Cards, a beautifully crafted set that will guide you through the phases of the moon with inspiring affirmations.

  • Each card is carefully designed to help you harness the energy of the moon and manifest your desires.
  • Our Lunar Affirmation Cards are crafted with intention and purpose. 
  • In addition to their unique lunar focus, our cards feature stunning, hand-drawn illustrations that capture the essence of the moon's energy. 
  • Our Lunar Affirmation Cards are also crafted with high-quality materials and come packaged in a sturdy, eco-friendly box. 

Be in contact with the Moon. Lunar Affirmation Cards contains 70 cards with unique affirmations that reflect the energies of Lunar days, Lunar nakshatras and Lunar zodiac signs. 

Overall, our Lunar Affirmation Cards offer a truly unique and transformative experience that is unlike any other affirmation card set on the market.

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