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Tarot Cards

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Our tarot cards are truly one of a kind, and we're excited to share with you why they're worth the investment.

  • Our cards are printed on a unique paper that is highly resistant to wear and tear.
  • This means that your cards will maintain their beautiful, vibrant colors and sharp details even after repeated use.
  • Additionally, our cards offer a unique tactile sensation that sets them apart from other tarot decks on the market.
  • The paper has a luxurious, velvety feel that makes shuffling and handling the cards a truly immersive experience
  • We're confident that once you experience the unique feel and durability of our tarot cards, you'll agree that they're worth the investment. 

The Cosmic Vibrations Tarot deck consisting of 79 cards will become a loyal guide when reading fate and trying to find answers to burning questions. The deck is based on the French Tarot school of Dr. Papus.


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